Below are listed jobs or volunteer positions open to the public or internally available. All positions will lead to an external and trusted site.  

Job Posting Key: 
PV - Public View
IP - Internal Posting (those who are already a member of NeX Gaming can apply)
FL - Freelance
CO - Commission Only
CT - Contract
FT - Full Time Position
PT - Part Time Position

There are currently 4 job posting(s)

UltimatelyWired | Apparel Designer - PV, IP, CT

NeX Gaming | Marketing and Social Media Managers - PV, IP, CT

NeX Gaming | Esports Manager - PV, IP, CT

NeX Gaming | VP of Sponsorships - PV, IP, Full Time

NeX Gaming, L.L.C. reserves the right to deny any and all applicants for any reason, at any time. UltimatelyWired is owned and operated by NeX Gaming, L.L.C. UltimatelyWired is hires applicants through NeX Gaming. NeX Gaming reserves the right to deny, any and all applicants that apply for positions to UltimatelyWired.