Meet the Team

Liam Rodriguez is CEO and Founder of NeX Gaming. Wanting to pursue his passion for video games and creating something new for him and his friends. He made NeX. NeX is now bigger than before. He enjoys playing COD and watching hockey with his family.
Jared Kelley joined in May of 2020, as a friend of Liam and Zach. He joined and created the COD team called the Maniacs. He is also now Co-Owner and COO of NeX Gaming. Alongside Liam and Zach. Jared enjoys playing video games, streaming on twitch, and spending time with his wife Chelsea and daughter.
Zach Phillips is Co-Founder and Co-Owner of NeX Gaming. He is currently a player for the NeX Maniacs and enjoys playing Dragon Age in his alone time. Since being here, Zach has advised and been a strong foundation for Liam as they both have created NeX Gaming. Zach spends his time alone in his apartment eating sonic.
Devin B. has been with NeX Gaming since April and is Vice President of Partnerships. Since being here, he has been the NeX Stars General Manager and plays Call of Duty when he isn’t busy.