About Us

NeX Gaming is always evolving to be the best version it can possibly be. NeX Gaming was founded originally in December of 2019 as a gaming group between friends. From there, NeX Gaming has grown significantly. NeX Gaming was formed into a Esports Organization in January of 2020. Since January, NeX Gaming has always put performance before quantity. The quote “Quality before Quantity,” is always used as they look for the best while being small.

As NeX Gaming has grown in 2020, we are always working on projects to better improve as a Esports Organization and a business. NeX Gaming has about four gaming teams with active rosters and players. NeX Gaming has not and will never stop, pause or set back a project for anyone. The grind to be the NeX Level is to have no fear of rejection or loss.

Who runs the show of NeX Gaming?

NeX Gaming has multiple people who “run the show.” Behind the scenes we have multiple cultures, and a diverse range of unique talent to properly run NeX Gaming. From our staff team to the Social Media Team and Discord Server Admins to our Owners. The behind the scenes crew has NeX Gaming’s best interest at heart.

Below is our amazing team putting together work and NeX Gaming’s interests to work.

Liam Rodriguez – CEO/Founder and Owner of NeX Gaming

Zach Phillips – Co-Founder/Co-Owner of NeX Gaming

Jared Kelley – Co-Owner and COO of NeX Gaming

Devin B. – VP of Partnerships of NeX Gaming

Hugh de Morgan – VP of Esports of NeX Gaming